Packing & Wrapping Services

Alhood Van Lines carefully trains all of our associates in the most effective packing and wrapping methods in order to keep all of your belongings safe and unharmed.


Take the pressure off of yourself and let Alhood Van Lines pack and move your belongings for you. Good people with good intentions often end up packing in a rush without the proper equipment, boxes and packing materials. This haphazard method often results in broken items, which can end up costing more than hiring professional packers would have cost in the first place.  

One of the benefits of letting our team pack and move you is that since we're the ones who are packing your belongings, we're fully aware of the items in each box and how they are packed. We'll be sure to show extra care when we know we're moving that box of fragile dinner plates we just wrapped and packed. 

Start your move on the right foot. Call Alhood Van Lines today and partner with our team to plan for a great move from start to finish.